Modern retail trade consists of a huge number of business processes. In conditions of low margin, one of the key ways to maintain competitiveness is improving of existing business processes. Successful retail companies every day reduce costs and save resources - time, money, human potential, because they use the advantages of information technology to automate business processes. Request our portfolio of completed projects in this sector to explore the real cases of successful companies - from data collection terminals to electronic workflow.


The last few years in the health sector, there has been a technological boom. Mass distribution has received specialized mobile applications, monitoring systems, etc. As a result, these technologies allow raising the quality of life, simplifying the work of medical workers and increasing life expectancy. We are proud that we are working with medical projects and ready to talk about it more, for this contact us.


In the sphere of transportation, we have several completed projects, for example online ticket-sales service for passenger transportation. The service allows registered users to search, book and purchase tickets for suburban and long-distance trips. In addition the service includes online work area for carriers, where they can control the amount of purchased and reserved tickets, specify the conditions of ticket’s purchase, etc. This example shows that we understand not only the carrier, but also the user. For other projects and details request portfolio.


E-commerce is not just about making payments online. In creating such (E-commerce) services, BitSol uses an integrated approach. What does this mean? We develop an integrated architecture - we connect a new solution to existing systems, implement analytics, develop a user-friendly interface, optimize existing sales channels. As a result, we not only automate the business processes of your enterprise, we increase the number of processed customers, revenue and other indicators. Contact us for details.


The market of IT services in this sector of the economy is represented by a wide choice of box solutions. However, as practice shows, box solutions do not meet business requirements. A large number of software works in isolation and requires integration for effective work. Our experience in this area is represented by the service of deliveries for restaurants and booking system for hotels. For additional information request portfolio.